Leadership Safari MMXIV Reflection [Leafy Sea Dragons]

Many Moose Calls.
5500+ Pieces of Pizza.
2000+ New Students.
179 Different Teams.
Five Complete Days of Awesome.
One Unforgettable Experience.

As a participant, my Leadership Safari experience at Central Michigan University was one worth writing home about. In addition to writing home, I decided to blog about it. My first week as a Central Michigan University student was simply the bee’s knees, and I could not have asked for it to be any better.

CHAMP: My not-so-leisure leisure time activity that I had signed up for was a game called Octo-Ball (Ga-Ga Ball). Having played this game before I knew it was going to be a blast. I got to meet new people, and I was the only female who made it to the final round and into the Top 5, gaining my nickname “Champ”. I got to meet new friends and joke around with people while getting a kick butt workout and gaining a reputation for being able to hold my own among the guys.

leafy sea dragons 4

BE PROACTIVE: One of the first speakers that we had was Michael Miller. He was very blunt in his speakings and I appreciated that. He called individuals onto the stage and asked them relatively simple questions. What do you want to do with your life? Why are you here? Where do you want to get? What’s holding you back? He then began to explain that in order to accomplish tasks, you need to be specific about them. If you want to be a fashion designer, that’s great, but more specifically where, at what age, earning how much? He encouraged us to stop making lame excuses (because that’s not a major or a minor option), and to start doing things everyday that will help us in getting closer and closer to our personal end goals.

leafy sea dragons

CELEBRATE WITH STRANGERS AND FAMILY: Another speaker that came and visited us was David Coleman. I greatly enjoyed this segment because it was very interactive. With 2000+ participants and facilitators crammed into one fairly large room (Finch Fieldhouse), we found ourselves sitting on the floor and getting to better know those around us simply through laughter and physically being close. Mr. Coleman did various mingling activities where we walked around and simply met as many people in the room as possible. There was also an Airport segment where you celebrated with random strangers as if it was the first time you had seen somebody you knew really well, in a really long time. There was another segment called Family, where we were in a group of about 8-10 ‘family members’ and had the chance to better get to know them on a more personal level. From each time that we would “Go back to the airport” I learned how important it was to celebrate even the little things with others, even if they are strangers. Similarly, each time we would have a “Family Reunion” I learned how critical it was to have a good support group that will always have your back no matter how far from the nest you travel.

leafy sea dragons 2

POETRY: One of the nights activities consisted of a Slam Poetry session, specifically starring the talented group: The Asia Project. Being a fan of written and spoken poetry I knew before they even began that I was going to enjoy my time. They had a poem titled, “I Wanna Love You Like the 90s,” full of various 90s references, that got the crowd of 90s kids roaring, and gave an appreciation for poetry to those who may had thought differently prior to their performance.

TEAM: I was part of the team Leafy Sea Dragons. Although at the beginning of the week I had no idea that a leafy sea dragon even existed (which they do), by the end of the week my team had become my family. Through various team building activities I was able to build relationships with my teammates, relationships that I know I would continuously carry with me the rest of my college experience. Despite the sometimes rainy weather we were able to have fun together, laugh, and make memories.

photo 1leafy sea dragons 3

THE FLYING C: Overall this week has showed me how small I am and how many opportunities I have awaiting me these next four years and beyond. I cannot wait to see all that Central Michigan University has in store for little ol’ me.

photo 2photo


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