Mentor/Mentee Retreat [Reflection]

Her name is Claire Guthrie. My name is Danielle Germane. She is my mentor. I am her mentee. Together we are the unstoppable duo. [pictured below at the Leadership Institute/LAS Welcome Picnic as pepper n’ salt.]


We packed up our stuff and we headed north for the weekend. To a not so little cabin in the woods located right outside the small town of Hersey, Michigan. Accompanied by my LAS cohort, to Eagle Village we went – the first time we all traveled together outside of our college rhelm to truly discover our family dynamics. [picture I took as we were leaving – ironic in the fact that adventure stops for no one]


Our retreat consisted of various team building activities throughout the weekend, some that were more challenging (or frustrating) than others; but these were the times that people’s strengths were able to shine. When there was something that involved heavy lifting, somebody stepped up. When there was a time where more creative thinking was needed to solve a problem/situation, somebody else was able to step up. Our group character developed and strengthened tremendously.

Here’s an inside glimpse at the jam-packed, memory filled weekend:

We had to put our trust in our peers to guide us in the right directions, even if we couldn’t see. We learned to rely on other senses that we have, such as hearing and feeling to achieve the tasks at hand. [cohort member Garrett in the midst of a bling folded scavenger hunt activity, relying on his team members to direct him to navigate and find the correct items]


We got the chance to challenge ourselves at the high ropes course. Stepping outside of our comfort zones and pushing ourselves to bigger and better things. [me prior to taking the “leap of faith” bungie jump]


This trip allowed me to grow closer to my mentor and build a stronger relationship with her. We discovered that unidentified mannequins aren’t all that scary, we both have a passion for adventures and a vast love for the great outdoors.


All together I was able to grow closer to my cohort and those above me. Excited to continue to grow even closer with these fine fellows the next years of my life. [mentors sporting the maroon, mentees sporting the gold]



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