1989 || Taylor Swift || Leading for a Cause, Not an Applause

Other than the obvious fame from her singing and songwriting, what are some of the behaviors that T-Swift expresses that make a leader? 1. Embrace Yourself: Whether it be in looks, personality, or quirky characteristics, Taylor expresses self love though her dancing, songwriting, and simply being herself. Her signature red lipstick is a trade mark that has followed... Continue Reading →


LAS on Ice (feat. Fire & Ice – Blades of Glory reenactment)

[LEAD Team Reflection] I was on the Social LEAD Team. We held a winter event titled LAS on Ice. One lesson of leadership that I took away from my Lead Team experience was the lesson of effective time management skills. Our meetings were not very frequent, which worked out well, and when we did meet, they were... Continue Reading →

Reading is Hard

Late nights. Early mornings. Stuck on repeat. I've been there, I am there, I get it. In the midst of it all, reading is sometimes hard. So I thought I'd give you some food for thought that wouldn't disappoint in the short amount of time it should take to read it. Today is the day... Continue Reading →


From the small town of Hartland, Michigan to the fairly large campus of Central Michigan University. Not too large of a move, but I knew CMU was to be my home away from home as soon as I was welcomed into the community of His House CMU. Full of authentic worship and relevant teachings, it truly is a... Continue Reading →

Everyday is an Unannounced Holiday

January 12, 2015. Today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day. Disregarding that, Today is also Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions Day. Here we are, twelve days after the fact. Let's see what I'm going to be up to this wonderful year: 1. love myself more: to be more comfortable and confident in my... Continue Reading →

Fred: He’s Not Your Ordinary Mailman.

We were presented with the book Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn (with a foreword by John C. Maxwell) and a vague, short set of directions. (follow this link to hear the story of the inspiring, extraordinary mailman named Fred) The text was not a required reading, so we'll skip right to the short set of directions, as we... Continue Reading →

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