Personal Guest Appearance from the Vivacious Man Himself, President George Ross

It was a Monday unlike any other Monday’s. The 24th of November, 2014 and the Leadership Institute was to have a personal guest appearance from the vivacious man himself, George Ross: the 14th President of Central Michigan University.

Having been able to hear his life story was truly inspirational. The Q&A session provided opportunity for asking him a variety of questions. One question stemmed from the curiosity  of what was his favorite life advice that he could pass onto us. His answer reflected his prior, current, and future life choices. It was for opportunity presents itself, take it.

[President Ross during Q&A, taking a question from student Emma (who was out of state due to a funeral) via FaceTime]

New experiences are all around us, and if an opportunity presents itself and we fail to step up to the rains, we could be missing out on an experience worth a lifetime.

President George Ross is currently in the running for the presidency position at the University of Nebraska. Although he loves CMU with every fiber in his being, he reflected saying, how could he dish out the life lessons, without enrolling in the one he believed in most? In regards to that, it would be sad to see him go so soon, however it would be an honor to know that a man that is further pursueing his dreams was able to be a part of my life story as well.

[When God provides an opportunity, cease it. Live in the moment. Be flexible. Try new things. Be vivacious.]

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