so, about that one debate class that I was in…

COM 267L: Introduction to Debate.

Tues./Thurs. 12:30 – 1:45 pm @ Moore Hall room # 212

Professor: Dr. Cory Anthony Hillman

What happened? I learned about the art of rhetoric and debate. I learned the various formats of debate and was able to physically put them into practice. I learned about slippery slopes and how to sport their presence and false influence in my every day life. Kudos to Aristotle’s findings way back when, the methods of persuasion: pathos, ethos, and logos, were in addition a part of my wonderfully learned curricilum.

The class exceeded my initial expectations. Anticipating it merely being a group of broke college students arguing that tuition should be free, I was able to gain a greater appreciation for the history of rhetoric and expand my knowledge upon the subject matter even further.

So, now what? With this knowledge I will now apply it to my life, when at all applicable. As a leader, understanding that in every situation I need to listen to the other side of the arguement prior to making a decision. Also if I ever happen to catch myself watching television shows such as The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon or The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (but probably not in that order), I’m able to make my own educated inferences and laugh out loud when necessary.

Essentially, this class taught me how to not be an unintelligent sponge and absorb all of the nonsense information that travels through my ears and into my lovely brain. The rhetoric of debate however was not part of that nonsense information and will stick with me through the end of time, kudos again to Aristotle. And partly to Dr. Professor Cory Anthony Hillman.


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