Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum

Dance. It’s a form of expression. It’s a way to get your jitters out. It’s a way to burn some unwanted calories. Dance. It’s even a way to praise God.

I am a part of a team called “Audience of One.” We dance for just that, an audience of one. We learn our choreographed dances, and yes we perform them in front of our entire church (HIs House at CMU), but why we dance is to bring praise to God, the most high.

The first dance performance I was a part of was a hip-hop number to a Christian rap song from Lecrae‘s Anomaly album. [link to our performance: here]. It was the first hip hop dance style that our dance squad has ever done. We worked hard and

Audience of One also did a dance number in our church’s Christmas Eve production, 2014. Our set was a snow globe (inspirational picture on bottom left), and we got to dress in character as village people, traveling our church goers far back in time to the Victorian era. The theme of the production was REKINDLED. I was privledged enough to even be set up with microphone as an extra and be able to speak one simple, yet important line. It was nice to finally rekindle my former high school drama department days.


As the Christmas spirit began to fill our surprisingly still warm weathered campus, the  Christmas production’s sermon and the moving testimonies of numerous students allowed  the minds of many to reflect upon their own life and rekindle their faith with Christ.


This rad Christian lovin’ gal Nikki, that choreographed Audience of One’s first ever hip-hop performance number, also does free Wednesday night pick up dances. Every night we learn a new choreographed dance number. Given you I’ve only danced competitively one year, many years ago, and jazz, you could say it was fun to get the blood pumpin’ and get back into the groove of things.

Links to Wednesday Night’s hippity hoppity dances  ….. Video 1, Video 2

<< fun fact: the featured image above was taken in the beautiful street of Detroit, MI near the FOX theatre post the wonderful Hunter Hayes concert >>


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