Everyday is an Unannounced Holiday

January 12, 2015. Today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day. Disregarding that, Today is also Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions Day. Here we are, twelve days after the fact. Let’s see what I’m going to be up to this wonderful year:

1. love myself more: to be more comfortable and confident in my own skin, to be radiate

2. fall head over heels in love with life: as simple as that

3. continuously create spontaneous adventures: live in the moment, live freely, travel more, even if it’s just to the local coffee shop, just pop my comfort bubble and live life

4. shape up physically and spiritually: get closer to God, read more of the Bible, eat more vegetables, have less body mass and less body surface area (refer back to number 1)

5. look beyond the obvious: yeah, the current situation might be inconvenient and torturous, but what else? It might take some searching to find, but I want more than that

6. do more of what I love: have more date nights with myself, draw, DIY crafts, write, responsibly shop at thrift shops, listen to music that makes me happy, laugh by myself, knit, dance, maybe even cook extravagant foods… or maybe just a batch of peanut butter cookies, we will see (then again, refer to number 4)

7. waste time once in a while: an odd NYR, but I’m not going to allow myself get tangled up by never ending schedules and commitments, if someone needs my time, my history homework can wait; relationships with people and moments are more important

8. drink more H20: I already have successfully given up soda, so thankfully that’s out of the question. Interesting tidbit of information: for Christmas I received a water bottle that has a container in the center to hold fruit or vegetables for easy and convenient infused water on the go. I am in love in the oddest of forms. Hydration Nation.

9. disconnect to connect: put my phone away when I walk between destinations, pick my head up and notice what’s around me. you could catch the eye of your future husband but that’s not possible if your eyes are distracted by your phone; use it, but don’t abuse it. Put Netflix away, go outside, chase the sun, it’s worth it

10. Lastly, let’s make 2015 the Year of the un-selfie: those pictures showing half your face, those pictures where half of your arm takes up the photo, I’ll admit, I’m guilty of it. But I think it’s time for it to end. Stop being a hermit, go find somebody and have them take 20 pictures of you. Maybe one will turn out exactly the way you’d like, if your ratio is better than mine. You strengthen relationships with those around you, the pictures turn out better, and you’ll probably get some laughs out of it too. This one is going to be hard and I know I can’t do it alone. All aboard, the un-selfie bandwagon express.

2015. Let’s make things happen. Diggin’ a little deeper,

As a leader: what do I really want in 2015? I want to hold an e-board position within Fashion Association of Merchandising and Design. I want to be able to take my ideas and use them to better implement the club and events surrounding it. I want to succeed (see below question). I want love. I want to live fearlessly, and I will continue doing so.

What do you really need in 2015? A tricky, yet simplistic question at it’s finest. Of course the essentials: food, air, and lots of water. Above all else I need love, Jesus, and of course more water. My family is going to continue to be a huge need in my life as well. Since moving away to college, I have missed my younger brothers and sister, as well as my mother and father so much. I also miss my grandparents and their warm hugs every Sunday at church. When I make my visits back home, I am going to spend time with them that is so precious.

What will you share in 2015? I will share my passions with the world. As an inspiring artist I will share my creations with the world. Primarily through social networking, I will share my creations and passions. Hopefully inspiring them to do the same and giving them the opportunity to purchase my creations as well, through my etsy account or through word of mouth. I will also share my love for Christ. I am going to live my life for God out loud.

What will you succeed at in 2015? I will succeed at my NYRs. I am going to hold myself accountable to becoming a better me. I will succeed at loving myself more. I will succeed at falling head over heels in love with life. I will succeed at continuously creating spontaneous adventures. I will succeed at shaping up physically and spiritually. I will succeed at looking beyond the obvious. I will succeed at doing more of what I love. I will succeed at wasting time once in a while. I will succeed at drinking more water. I will succeed at disconnecting to connect. I will succeed at making 2015 the year of the unselfie. I will succeed at helping other people succeed. I will succeed at loving all. I will succeed at living fearlessly and vivaciously and doing my best while doing so.

<< for a full list of unannounced holidays visit: http://www.checkiday.com/ >>

[featured image: the mountains of Pennsylvania taken through a salt covered truck window]


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