From the small town of Hartland, Michigan to the fairly large campus of Central Michigan University.

Not too large of a move, but I knew CMU was to be my home away from home as soon as I was welcomed into the community of His House CMU. Full of authentic worship and relevant teachings, it truly is a community on campus, a big part of what makes CMU my home away from home.

Instantly being welcomed by inviting people with open arms, I quickly got more involved, even despite my freshman status.

Diving in head first in involvement, I was able to attend a weekend getaway with my fellow gals in Christ. At a little white church located in Claire, Michigan I was able to sleep on a church pew for the second time, and I loved every minute of it. [the first being during my mission trip my freshman year of HS to Cairo, Illinois] – good times, always. A weekend full of silly ice-breaker scavenger hunts throughout the town, praise and dance, and diving deeper into our relationships with God while creating, building, and strengthening our relationships among each other. I met many individuals that helped make CMU even more homier than before.

[ pictures from scavenger hunt explained: a picture with the famous chicken of Claire, Michigan; picture with random strangers (the lovely women we met wanted to stick their tongues out, so we did too); picture with a tree; a “cool” picture (we were instructed to take creative freedom, so we did); a picture recreating the Beetles cover (we took all necessary safety precautions to recreate this cover photo); a picture of someone doing a cartwheel and someone jumping while on the red carpet (pretty neat that I can say I’ve successfully done a cartwheel on a red carpet, with picture proof) ]


His House holds an annual event called CRAVE. This event consisted of various volunteers that sign up for various times to out loud read through the Bible, cover to cover, non-stop. The event continued from sun up to sun down, beginning Thursday evening and concluding Sunday afternoon. There were provided refreshments, extra Bibles, and open doors for whoever wanted to attend and hear the Bible being read aloud. On a whim, or more so a calling, I signed up Sunday morning to read aloud part of the Bible. Having a slight fear of reading things aloud in front of people I know and complete strangers alike, the Lord helped me through it and I am so glad I was able to be a part of this unique and incredible experience.


Through His House I was also able to put my happy feet back into practice and join a dance team. This drew me closer to the involvement with the drama department at His House, and my one line of fame during our Christmas production (read more: here).

As I am continuously being called home to Christ, at CMU and His House, I can wholeheartedly say that it feels good to be welcomed home, to my home away from home.

<< featured image: the front of the poster card for His House CMU christian church. [authentic worship. relevant teaching. a community on campus.] photo taken one sunny Sunday after attending church service at His House CMU. >>


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