LAS on Ice (feat. Fire & Ice – Blades of Glory reenactment)

[LEAD Team Reflection] I was on the Social LEAD Team. We held a winter event titled LAS on Ice. One lesson of leadership that I took away from my Lead Team experience was the lesson of effective time management skills. Our meetings were not very frequent, which worked out well, and when we did meet, they were short and to the point. Among the group we divided the things that needed to be. This made our duties easier and less overwhelming, and got them done in a timely and efficient manner.

¿qué? [what?] We organized an event inviting all classes of LAS to participate in open skate night at a local ice rink. We had to choose an appropriate date for the event (the section I was a part of that made a Survey Monkey), advertised months in advance via posters and social networking, and reminded people of the fun that’s came from this event years prior, especially the Blades of Glory reenactment:

las on ice 3

¿y qué? [so what?] I learned that ice skating is not for everyone. There was a lot more people at the open skate than what I had anticipated, we practically rented them fresh out of skates! I learned that when planning events as such, it’s best to divide and conquer the work that needs to be done.

¿Y ahora, ¿qué? [and now what] Now I know that when I hold a position on a LEAD team or another organization that the meetings we have will be short and precise. It is easier to divide and conquer the work that needs to be done when planning an event, and it helps things get accomplished in a timely manner. Knowing that as a leader I have the choice to effectively use my and my team’s time, I know I will do so dead on.

Being on Social LEAD Team we will be planning more events for the upcoming future: such as an LAS Trip to a Detroit Tigers Game, potentially a Spring Social Event, and the LAS Picnic in the beginning of fall semester. Therefore, stay posted.

las on ice 2

<< featured image of McKenna Mathis and Meredith Earley (as Fire & Ice from Blades of Glory); photo via Meredith Earley >>


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