1989 || Taylor Swift || Leading for a Cause, Not an Applause

Other than the obvious fame from her singing and songwriting, what are some of the behaviors that T-Swift expresses that make a leader?

1. Embrace Yourself: Whether it be in looks, personality, or quirky characteristics, Taylor expresses self love though her dancing, songwriting, and simply being herself. Her signature red lipstick is a trade mark that has followed her through her career, she loves her lips.

2. Modest is Hottest: her style is girly yet quirky and she doesn’t have to be over the top or extravagant to win the cute woahs of many. This is huge especially in todays society where the tops and bottoms of young girls clothing is shrinking at increasing rates. She is a fashion innovator and the younger generations aspire to resemble her naturally beautiful and quirky ways.

3. “Haters Gonna Hate”: In reference to her Shake It Off song lyric, going through life Taylor understands first hand that some things that you are going to do may not to agree with what other people like, and don’t take that personally! You can’t please everybody; Taylor doesn’t deny that judgement is out there, she has simply found a way to let that judgement work for her instead of against her.

4. Boys Will Be Boys: from her country songwriting roots, to now branching out to a wider audience variety, Taylor writes that relationships are complicated, and that boys will be boys. She encourages women to be independent and to not find there happiness merely in boys. She sings us to recognize that and move on.

Others are motivated to follow her because she is successful in the eyes of the media, yet she is her own person.

Her leadership style I admire because she has created her own image. Although some media has presented her in negative ways, same as rumors can damage a persons reputation within their friend group, Taylor embraces her flaws, and uses them to her advantage. Those negative comments made, rumors spread, she merely shakes it off. And seeing what doing so has made a positive impact on Taylor’s life, that makes want to get up and dance right there with her.

Her leadership has affected the music industry, making it known that a country artist can branch out and write successful non-country music. Her leadership has impacted the younger women crowd, including me.

I am in love with nature. I am at times an awkward dancer. I have flaws, and Taylor leads for a cause, so young women like me can be comfortable and confident in our own skin, and she receives a heartwarming applause because of it.

<< featured image taken at RR tracks on campus of CMU. PC: Meghan Cullen >>


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