Day 1 | Blizzard Warrior

For any fellow Michiganders out there it’s no kept secret that today consists of a blazing blizzard and simply nothing less.

All things aside, I battled the elements and walked to the studio to delightfully begin my 30 Days of Yoga journey. The wind whistled and whipped, the snow fell frivolously, and luckily the walk was relatively short in distance

Near the end of my Day 1 practice I thought to myself that it’s going to be quite difficult at times to stick with my challenge. Then, at that exact moment of slight discouragement in my mind, Adriene encouragingly spoke,

“And even if you’re short on time, find a moment to just pause and give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing.”

This is an experience to do with an open mind, kindness and curiosity. Here I commit to 30 continuous days of yoga. Working out the body, spirit, and mind. Lengthening and strengthening my body one day at a time. Namaste.

Join me in my 30 Day Yoga Challenge? We can hold each other accountable! Follow this link: Yoga With Adriene. 

<<featured image taken on the blistering walk to the studio, no worries I was wearing gloves>>


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