Day 2 | Yoga in the DormRoom | Stretch and Soothe

Good Morning World (and all who inhabit it).

Continuing with my 30 Day Yoga With Adriene Challenge, I’m Danielle blogging my way through it, and today is Day 2, let’s get started:

Todays sequence was practiced within the tight corners of my dorm room. Nonetheless, it encompassed the following:

inhale: positivity, inner peace, unconditional self love and love for others, calm,

exhale: negativity, fear, toxic thoughts.

daily food for thought: your inner light shines when you are at peace with yourself and the world around you. Let go of the struggle and feel the beauty inside you. Allow all to just be and just be you.

Today, let’s just do that. What is around us we cannot control, we can only control what is within us. Let go and let God. And just be you. Today we stretched and soothed our inner body. Now let’s go out and live that way within this crazy world. Maybe our inner peace will soon ooze out and become contagious to those around us.

Don’t hesitate, challenge yourself and join me in the 30 Day Yoga With Adriene Challenge.

<< featured image taken in Clare, Michigan at 7:44 pm >>


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