The Third Day | Whistling is Contagious

What’s up everyone,

2|3|2015. Today is Tuesday. Tuesdays are my power through days. Many classes in a row with minimal time to walk or eat or lallygag between them. In the midst of it all, I steadily smile my way through it. From sunup to sundown, even after the sun goes down and even before it rises, I learn endlessly and I love unconditionally.

Today’s learning lesson story:

In the dark cold, with snow freshly falling from the night sky, I cheerfully whistled various tunes from The Sound of Music on my way back to my dorm, gently being guided by the brightly lit lamp posts.

Not passing many students during the late hour, the presence of one gentleman took me off guard and startled me ever so slightly. Caught in the moment I merely stopped whistling. Several steps later I heard the faint whistling of that same kind hearted gentleman coming from several paces behind.

Guys listen up this is gold here.

Even in the dead of night, the kind hearted cheerfulness found in one’s silly whistling on the way back to the dorm to eat a sweat potato dinner then head to the studio, is contagious and person by person makes the world a better place.

The sweet potato was delicious, and pat yourself on the back, we made it to the Third Day of our 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene Challenge:

FullSizeRender-1Todays practice consisted of Forgetting What I Know about yoga and letting my body be my guide. Stretching extra in spots my body called me to further stretch. To find what feels good. And at times, that was simply adding a gentle smile to my practice. Maybe even some lighthearted whistling. Keeping things ebullient knowing that what I do, even when
I awkwardly fall in attempting a more balance required move, is making my body a better place for me to live.

An out of the norm way of thinking, my body being a temple for my soul. It’s not exactly normal. But, then again, since when have I ever been normal?

Happy Trails Fellow Yogis.



<< featured image taken in the studio kudos to the random stool and photo timer >>


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