2.6.2015 || Becoming Flexible

Rise and Shine my lovely homo sapiens:

Waking up early is revivifying and invigorating for the soul.

Although today’s Yoga with Adriene sequence (on Day 6) was titled SIX PACK ABBS (which I highly encourage everyone to try and conquer; you will feel amazing after the fact), I found it rather important to emphasize the everlasting need for flexibility in our daily lives.

Of course yoga helps with flexibility of the physical body, lengthening and strengthening our muscles.

But there if also flexibility of the spirit and mind.

I know there are plenty of ‘bull-headed’ people out there (I won’t name any names) that claim it’s “their way or the highway.” I encourage everyone to let go of those overpowering and demeaning ways and become more pliable in the mind.

There may be other ways other than your own brilliant ideas to still successfully accomplish the task at hand. Others may have different approaches to given situations than yours, but just because the approach/idea isn’t yours for the taking, doesn’t mean that it isn’t right and won’t work just as efficiently if not better! Loosen the tight grip on you leadership reins, put some slack in the control line and see what ideas your team members have to offer up as well.

This also brings us to the flexibility of the spirit.

When you are supple in spirit, whatever bumps or loops that get thrown your way throughout the day, you’re able to bend and duck and confidentially say “No, no, negativity. You are not putting a damper in my happy spirit today!”

Short story time:
A lesson I learned from my MARVELOUS mother, is that when you wake up in the morning, and when you go to sleep at night, and every moment in between, YOU are in control of your mood. YOU are able to choose your spirit.

I say let’s choose to be happy.

Given you can’t choose what circumstances you are placed in throughout your day or your lifetime, but you can choose your attitude within those circumstances. I can almost guarantee the current situation will be increasingly more bearable if you simply slide a smile onto your face and choose happiness.

So on this fabulous Friday, and especially over the welcomed weekend, work on becoming flexible, physically and in spirit and mind. Focus on choosing happiness. Say “No. No. No” to the negativity that begins to steep it’s way into your days, don’t allow it to have control over your happy spirit; no dampers in your beautiful mood todays!

Stay Beautiful.
Stay Happy.

<< featured image taken kudos to photo timer and the random stool parked the studio.
feat. my wonderful neighbor and yogi friend, who is continuously working towards becoming more flexible in her everyday life, an inspiration to me to continue in doing the same >>


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