TELL ME WHY || Day Ten


No, not the kind fellow from third floor, but rather ideas worth spreading.

How Great Leaders Inspire Action by: Simon Sinek

Worth the eighteen minutes and measly one second that it will take to watch it; albeit you will probably re-listen to certain parts as I did, for the words spoken sent chills up my spine and turned gears in my mind that needed greasing.

Simply required to watch for one of my classes, but so what?
Well, we weren’t pondering a ‘What’ question, but rather a question of ‘Why?’.

Sinek talked about a discovery that he made nearly three and a half years ago that changed the way he viewed others within the industry of sales, as well as the way he viewed himself.

That discovery of course:

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. 

The goal is not to sell to people who need/want what you have.
The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.

He explains it using something he called The Golden Circle:
-the outermost circle: What (everyone knows)
-the middle circle: How (some know)
-the innermost circle: Why (few actually know. And it’s not to make a profit. That’s a result, it’s always a result. But what’s your cause? Your belief? Your purpose? Why do you get up in the morning? And why should anyone care?)

Sinek describes that unsuccessful people, like Tivo, work from the outside, in.
On the contrary, the successful people (who don’t have (1) under capitalized, (2) wrong people, or (3) bad market conditions as excuses for their failure) work from the inside in. They tell you why they are doing what they are doing, and in return persuade and inspire you into wanting the same thing (such as Apple, Martin Luther King Jr., the Wright Brothers).

[Law of Diffusion of Innovation was also a cool concept he explained, watch the video to learn more, I dare ya, it’s worth it]

Leaders who have authority are good.

Leaders who are able to inspire are the effective leaders in this world
Their followers follow them not because they have to, but for themselves, because they want to.
I want to be that kind of leader.
I will be that kind of leader.

When giving a speech I want to give my “I have a dream” speech like MLK Jr. did, not my “I have a plan” speech.

When I sell what I believe in, my product will sell itself.

That was a big helping of food for thought especially for a Tuesday and it filled me full to the brim.

Today, I let the sunshine effortlessly melt my stress away.
Within the midst of winter it was one of the most marvelous things to happen in the last 24 hours.
That, and sneaking pizza and crazy bread into the library with great friends (ps: we did eventually get our work done)


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