There was a song that spoke to me this morning as I woke up especially early specifically so I could practice my yoga.

The lyrics read:

Set a fire down in my soul
That I can’t contain
That I can’t control
( Set a Fire by Jesus Culture )

It is Day Eleven and it’s not that I am unmotivated, but I have a bunch of these continuous sparks within me that need to be set aflame into a full force a fire.

Not only in regards to my yoga practices and becoming the best possible version of myself, but also in my leadership roles, and especially my relationship with Jesus.

There are many circumstances and situations that I am currently twisted in that I have given to God, for Him to provide for me on His perfect timing.

In the midst of all the crazinesses of life, I have been able to see the light.

The cards of my life have started playing out around me, and I have been finding peace and happiness in the oddest of things!

It’s an important part of life. Finding God in the small things.
In the flocks of birds that unexplainably fly synchronized in perfect timing swooping and scooping about.
The snow effortlessly falling and no two snowflakes being alike.
Hearing people whistling mindlessly as they travel to and from various destinations.

I like to call them God Winks. Odd occurrences that didn’t happen by chance, but by God.
As if He purposefully shows me things, or allows me to stumble upon the oddities of life, and it’s His way of winking at me.
Saying He’s still paying attention to me, still watching.
Recognizing that He knows that I am a continuous work in progress.
And most importantly continuously reminding me that He loves me completely unconditionally.

There are times where I stop, and am in awe that all of that is possible, and so much more.

Set my life ablaze; light a fire down in my soul.

Life is good and God is great.

<< DISCLAIMER: the featured image was taken as my neighbors house burned, after being purposefully set on fire by the local department so they could use as a practice station/ test run; the house/fire was completely monitored and the neighborhood congregated to watch in awe >>


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