Lucky Day # 13 on the Deemed Unlucky Friday the 13th

Sometimes it’s difficult,
because there is no immediate change or result.
I expect things to change or differ almost instantaneously,
but I am struggling with patience and perseverance.

A conclusion that I’ve reached though:

If you’re not actively doing something to get you closer to where you want to be, closer to where you see yourself, nothing is going to change, nothing really extravagant is going to happen.

Perhaps it happens to happen. It’s either going to take you a lot longer to get to your end destination or it’s not going to turn out the way you had originally had it planned in your head.

So what then?
I need to be happy at the progress that I am at.
Be content with the current state that I am in.
Love myself through the process.

Lucky Day #13 on this deemed unlucky Friday the 13th,
today’s yoga practice, as I pulled my legs in tight, taught me that,
“You can never get enough of this. Hugging yourself is good.”

I am not nearly to where I want to be,
but I’m also not nearly where I was when I started.

I’ve still got far to go, but I have come oh so far.

Give yourself a hug today.
You deserve some self love.

All good. All the time.
* cue 4 leaf clover sprouting up from the grass beneath your feet *

<< featured image: reenactment of the Beetles cover, taken in Claire, MI w/ great company >>


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