Lost and Found | 1.16.2015

College has taught me lots of things. I’ve also lost a lot of things and found a lot of things in the process.

Things I’ve lost: 

my gloves: I attempted tracking these down… It lead me all the way to contacting the police and to this day they are still a no-show. I get it, somebody would like a new nice pair of gloves. And I hope that whomever hands my gloves rest upon, they serve them well in keeping their hands warm.

my binder: now this is this the thing that I don’t understand. I get it that somebody would want a good pair of gloves, but a binder for one of my classes? Why would somebody want that? I checked all my locations over the week prior, and to this day I still have yet to find it. I’m over it.

lots of sleep: I’ve lost lots of opportunities for sleep. All spent doing wonderful things. One was spent with a bunch of gals painting our nails then ordering pizza, eating, laughing, and making memories. Actually that was Valentine’s Day and I was fifth wheeling my two gal-friends with their boyfriends. But hey, the pizza was good and I’m over it.

Thing’s I’ve found:

the dynamic of my stomach: I tend to eat when stressed. I also have a sensitive stomach. I try to eat away stomach pain which I learned really doesn’t work very effectively. Certain cafeteria food I have to stay away from entirely. And I need to find other ways in which to deal with my stress.

high school friendships that would last past high school: My friend from high school and I go to different colleges, and we have became pen-pals since graduation and going our separate ways. It’s nice to keep those old ties with her, since she has been, and continues to be such an inspiration and shining light in my life.

my priorities: Sometimes, spending time catching up with old pals you haven’t seen in a while and having a couple good laughs, is more important than the (ever so important) reading for history that you have to get done by tomorrow. As my schedule becomes more compact as the time and semester go on, making time for myself (doing yoga and crafting and other nonsense things that I enjoy), as well as making time for building and strengthening friendships and relationships throughout my life.

As my list of things I’ve lost and my list of things that I’ve found continues to grow, I continue to learn through it all. From having to adapt and work around the things that I’ve lost all the way to rejoicing in the positive things that I’ve found.

Stay tuned; and may smiles, laughs, and blessings be yours.

<< featured image: taken on summer road trip where due to positioning my Cheez-It cracker appeared to be sized much larger than the cows effortlessly roaming the fields of green pasture behind >>


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