Out of all of the contacts in your phone, how many do you actually contact?

Total # of contacts in my phone: 441

Total # actually contacted?  I won’t lie my two top favorites are probably my mom and my sister. I’m perfectly okay with that.

My ratio is minuscule, so I decided to do a little at home science experiment. Actually I it was more of a challenge, and I did it while traveling on the road, but those technicalities can be disregarded.

I simply chose 26. I went into my contacts and typed in the letters A through Z, and chose one person corresponding to each letter of the alphabet (I know nobody whose name starts with Z, so it ended up being (random) in God’s choosing.
Looking back, 26 is a pathetically small number in comparison to how many contacts I actually contain in my phone… given I’m not going to casually text Jet’s Pizza or my old soccer coach “hey, what’s crackalackin’?” BUT I digress.

Moving onto MY FINDINGS:

It was January 31st the day I sent out these messages, some conversations lasted days, some only minutes. I shot them a message wishing that they had a Merry Christmas, and hoping that they’re preparing to welcome the New Year with open arms. I also asked them if they had anything that they needed prayer for. That I was taking requests and was here for them.

Here’s some of the things that I learned that were going on in the lives of people that I love: (initials used to disclose identity)

  • S.G. – prayers for a cut she has on her eyeball (what she said is nothing). Also prayers for her sponsor child, Victor, who is five, lives in Kenya, and is super cute.
  • S.G. (different than that above) – prayer request for the relationship between her and her boyfriend; additionally her father’s mood and his tendency to disrespect her mother and not appreciate all she does for him
  • I.P. – nothing dire in her life, but prayers appreciated for a friend from church, A.H., whose father had passed just before Christmas.
  • A.L. – prayers that her friends (who are into drinking and partying and all the “cool” things people our are do) can find God and that she can be a good influence on them and show them God’s love
  • G.M. – prayers for his aunt who has a rare cancer in her stomach. She’s going through chemotherapy again this week and it’s really hard on her as well as G.M.’s mom.
  • N.E. – prayers for him to find work. Also to stay on track and prepare mentally as is ship date for going to the air force base in SanAntonio, Texas nears closer. Also for the long distance relationship between him and his girlfriend from Canada
  • I.G. – prayers for her boyfriend’s grandmother who has been in and out of the hospital with ALS that has been getting worse. Also prayer for fundraising and travel for her and her team going on a mission trip to Guatemala in May
  • E.C. – prayers for the desperately needed good grades (on midterms), and above all else his need to get closer to God again
  • L.G. – prayers for her little girl that is suppose to be here in March. They have had some ultra-sounds that have shown she might have a few things not so “normal” with her. Prayers that God will just continue to knit her perfectly together inside the womb and prove the pictures wrong.
  • C.G. – prayers for her minds eye to be opened to what God needs her to do lately, and strength to follow through with the cough commands.
  • M.B. – prayers for her classes next semester, uncertain relationships, patience with little kids at work, and her sinuses.
  • K.H. – prayers that the Lord would give her a patient heart and that her trust in Him would increase.
  • L.D. – prayers for her mom to take care of herself and her dad to start living for God

Okay so if you counted those about you would know that they do not total to 26, and that shouldn’t be too much of a bother, try and bear with me here:

I learned new things about people in my life that I never would have known if I hadn’t had simply asked.

A simple question that some may brush off their shoulder, but some may need desperately.

The power of prayer is so incredible. 

I did a follow up to some of the conversations above, and some situations actually improved and got better.

It’s an incredibly feeling knowing that what you’re doing is God working through you.

If you’re feeling the love, and even if you’re not, chose one of the above bullet points and I encourage you to pray for them!
Better yet, set out a challenge to yourself to shoot a text to people in your phone contacts list, people in your life, and see what things they need prayer for in their lives. You’d be surprised what you can find if you simply take the time to ask.

Take Care, Comb your hair.
Shine on. 

<< feature image: a collection of all the electronics I’ve owned; from my CD player that would constantly skip while riding on the bus, all the way to my Macintosh Book Pro that accompanies me through my college adventures. >>


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