Now what’s cooler than bein’ cool? (Ice ^Blue!) … *cue Hey Ya! lyrics by OutKast*

Us gals were at it again for another Coast to Coast Challenge…
Today we were incorporating the color ice blue into our wardrobe.

K.R., on the left, highlights the ice blue accents in her floral skirt with her grey/ice blue sweater.

On the right, A.J. is rocking her oversized sweater with a playful scarf to tie the entire ensemble together.

And I, in the middle am wearing an oversized jean vest/shirt with an oversized sweater to match,
and a black scarf to balance off the outfit.

Let’s make fashion fun again.
It allows you to express yourself.
It’s a way to say something, without speaking a word.
Fashion is it’s own unspoken language.

Sometimes clothes speak louder than words.
The question is how do you want to be heard?

May the sun shine on your dreams this day ∴

<< featured image photo credit to: J.S. >>


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