Movie Mania (w/o actually watching any movies)

I had nothing but full intentions of sitting myself down, determined to be productive, and write my paper in full.

I did write a majority of my paper (a more realistic goal for my night), but I also ended up observing some educational television (and extending my list of movies I must watch by a double digit number)…

Hosted by the one and only, the wonderful Robin Roberts, I watched:

Countdown to the Oscars: 15 Movies That Changed American Cinema.

So here are their findings, with a snippet of my input here and there:

#15Toy Story – one of my childhood classics, along with Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3

#14Sixteen Candles – a movie that was designed to represent the teens of the time in their natural time and habitat, and I am actually shocked that I am still yet to watch this masterpiece…

#13A Hard Days Night – a movie that revolved around The Beatles and their marvelous music… They could have produced a movie about how to make toaster waffles and the public would have loved it.

#12Jaws – where the famous tune: “dun, dun, dun, dun” originated from *read in correct tone from movie*

#11Lilies in the Field – an inspirational movie that starred Sidney Poitier, the first African American who won an Academy Award for best actor, allowing many more to follow in his footsteps

#10The Godfather Part 2 – the movie that changed the course of sequels for all to follow

#9I’m No Angel – starring the first of all the sex models, Mae West

#8 Easy Rider – because who wouldn’t love a movie about two Harley-riding hippies? *cue Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf playing in your brain*

#7Birth of a Nation – the first show ever shown at the White House, followed by Selma years later

#6  A Streetcar Named Desire – starring Marlon Brando (who was a hunk back in his hay day)

#52001 – A Space Odyssey – I think I should actually watch the movie before making any further comments

#4Psycho – it was the shower/scream scene that set the standards for all scary movies to follow … the element of surprise would never be the same, neither would the lasting thought of what could be lingering behind your shower curtain as you sing away some tunes…

#3Snow White – the first cartoon movie that was completely made digitally, not based off of drawn sketches (I think is how it was worded)

#2 – ? Okay so I must have been in the zone of writing during this time because I actually don’t know what the second one was… Help. SOS. If you know, tell me so I can add it to the list of movies that I should watch.

#1Star Wars – I’ll just leave it at this: “May the Force be with you.”

and also with you

did you just fart?

〈〈 featured image on a random morning of a beautiful fog-filled sunrise, taken last year. I am an odd person that likes quiet, early mornings. I want to allot more time in my schedule to allow for more sunrises in my life. What’s stopping me besides late nights, cold temperatures, and needing sleep to function? (nothing truly capable of stopping me) 〉〉


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