5 Reasons Why I Love to Ski

This past weekend I was picked up by my family and we headed further north.

I go skiing once a year, on our annual ski trip with my hometown church.

This whole ‘college’ thing wasn’t going to stop me from this adventure time accompanied by the ones that I love.

After a days worth of spending time amongst the glistening snow, I came up with 5 reasons why I love to Ski
(obviously there are more but for the sake of less reading, I’ll stick with these five)

1. I get to be with my family – I could be spreading peanut butter and jelly onto bread and I would throughly enjoy it if I was able to do so with my loving family. Two brothers, one sister, my mom, my dad and I, we are one wild, crazy, random, loving bunch.

2. Branch out of the weekend norm at the dorm – The bug going around bit me and I am currently fighting a cold. I could’ve slept the weekend away, but instead I decided to laugh, live, and make memories.

3. I get to travel – I love to travel: whether it’s a walk across town to a new destination, somewhere across the grand state of Michigan, or across state borders, I love to get out of my comfort zone and experience new places, try new things and see new destinations.

4. Be one with the great outdoors – I am a nature child, even in the dead of winter. I wonder how a temperature can be negative degrees. It’s like you have nothing, and then you have more nothing! We embraced the elements and luckily the sun was out greeting us with warm arms.

I like the trails that zig and zag through the wonderful woods, not just straight down the hill (although those are cool too).
I like the trails that zig and zag through the wonderful woods, not just straight down the hill (although those are sometimes cool too).

5. I get to feel like I’m flying – there’s few things that compare to effortlessly gliding down a mountain side with the wind whipping through your hair, the sun shining down on you, and the sense of flying flowing through your brain. It’s a wonderful thing.

〈〈 featured image destination: one of the tops of the mountain at Boyce Highlands; feat. my loving mother, bundled up for obvious reasons (the wicked wind and the bitter cold) 〉〉


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