Face to Face ↓↑

Sunday morning of March 29th, 2015. My dance team, Audience of One, danced to Face to Face by Kim Walker-Smith & Skyler Smith. I admit that I may have messed up, but that’s perfectly okay because I praised God through my imperfections. Today’s discussed topic was dating. Going steady. Courtship. Whatever your vocabulary calls it. It was … More Face to Face ↓↑


Detroit – the motor city capitol of the world. Some may argue that Detroit has fallen, but in my opinion as well as the opinions of others, Detroit is still standing strong. I am aware that there are social issues surrounding Detroit – such as flaws in the education system, frequent home vacancy, and a … More Detroit


Our days seem to be continuously filled with nonstop-somethings. Not often do we find ourselves merely wandering aimlessly. Sometimes I feel that it is when we have no set destination to travel, that God is leading us the most. It is when we are erratically meandering that God has full control over where we are going … More PURPOSELESSNESS →


I AM. Two of the most powerful, reassuring words that can come out of you. Positive words of affirmation. Why not start today? Here are my I AM’s, ranging from A to Z. After reading mine, make your own list, love yourself a little more. I am authentic.🎹 I am beautiful.👸 I am curiosity.🎈 I … More I AM: A-Z

If You’re Going to be a Shark, be a Great White

Daymond John. He started a clothing company in his mother’s basement and transformed it into a global fashion empire. He is a star on ABC’s critically acclaimed reality business show “Shark Tank.” He is the founder and CEO of FUBU (For Us By Us), a company which has amassed over $4 billion in worldwide retail … More If You’re Going to be a Shark, be a Great White

He Titled It “Lulled”

Take a hot second for this quick read: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2015/01/lulled.html What? Well, first and foremost define lulled: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/lulled Okay now I say pay particular close attention to that first one. We all have comfort zones, ranging of different sizes, yes. But, So what? How hard (and how often) am I actually willing to work to get out … More He Titled It “Lulled”