Alpha Leadership Experience

Five weeks of interactive development sessions provided by the Leadership Institute at Central Michigan University.

Alpha is not merely a leadership opportunity, but rather a leadership development program where emerging leaders gain valuable knowledge about themselves, and about the people they lead with, that will ultimately better them as leaders as well as the world in which surrounds them.

Each week I emerged myself in a safe and fun environment, able to engage with other emerging leaders here at CMU.

Each session I learned more about myself, and here are just some of my findings:

1. ⚡️🌲 Electric Forest – individually were were merely trees, but together we made the Electric Forest. Maybe you guessed it, maybe you didn’t… that was the creative name of my Alpha group (Team Green). Meeting new people is the coolest thing, and I love to continue to do so the more I become involved around campus. Meeting new people is also neat because you find yourself running into the people you’ve met around campus, or realize that two of them are actually in your Geology class!

2. MY Leadership Style: There are four main categories of Leadership Styles: Direct, Spirited, Considerate, and Systematic. After taking a short assessment, I learned that my top leadership style was spirited, with considerate coming in as a close second. Some of my strengths as a spirited leader is that I develop an enjoyable work environment. One of my trouble spots (that can be worked upon) is that I am easily caught up in the moment.

A well-rounded leader is a combination of all four types, and is able to adapt their style based on the circumstance and credentials at hand. I learned that it was important to recognize other leadership styles strengths, and utilize them to offset my weaknesses.

3. Challenge Me This: we had begun to warm up to each other as team members, but week three would really challenge us to step outside of our comfort zones and be forced to work as a team to solve the problem at hand. With the various obstacles placed before us, we learned to better trust our teammates (especially when you are blindfolded and walking through a room filled with set mouse traps, attempting to ring the bell).

Encouragement played a huge factor during this portion of Alpha. Constantly reassuring team members that even if they did mess up (and cause another team member to be blindfolded) the challenge at hand was still achievable if we worked together.

4. BaFá BaFá week four consisted of an activity that taught us about the different cultures that surround us, and the struggles they go through. Surprising to some, different cultures wants, such as the want to be included and accepted, is the exact same want that we possess.

5. Family – today was the last day of my Alpha Leadership Experience, although the relationships I’ve made through this program, and the knowledge I gained about myself and about how to more effectively lead at CMU and in life continues on. Green Team / Electric Forest will always hold a dear spot in my heart. 💚

Electric Forrest (some group members not pictured)
Electric Forest (some group members not pictured)⚡️🌲 

Thanks for reading.
Highly recommend this program to any and all CMU students, no matter their year in college or their leadership role.
Now I’m going to make like a tree and leaf



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