Food ‘n’ Mood Journal

March Second.
People take note this is already month number three.
Relevant question, please don't take offense: How are we doing on our New Year's Resolutions?
'Ouch.' Touchy subject?
Well, it's time to evaluate your progress and re-evaluate your methods of controlling the madness.
That's why yesterday I decided to start a journal.
No, not just any journal where I rant about the stupid crush that I have on a not so stupid man, or about the ever-changing weather my lovely home state of Michigan produces. 
No, not even a journal spent writing poetry (which is saying a lot for my vast love and appreciation for poetry).
But rather a journal about food. More specifically what food I consume. Additionally the mood that I feel while putting the food in my body and after eating.

What do I hope to accomplish? 
I want to be more intact with my body. I want to listen closer to my body. Be more aware about what it is I'm putting into my body and how exactly it makes me feel. What foods cause what reactions in my body, and coincidentally what foods need to be cut out of my daily diet?
I listened to my body when it told me "No, No, No more" to soda. I realized that the stomach pain caused by consuming soda was not worth that feeling of 'enjoying a nice cold Coke'. The health benefits of giving up soda are worth it too! So much less unneeded sugar being put into my body.

No more mindless eating. Drink more water. Be a better me.
Back to the Food n' Mood Journal idea... I'm not sure how long I'll track my food consumption and mood production, all I know is I'm going to do it long enough to get a better sense of where my health lies in the art of food, where I need to improve, how to improve, and then actually taking the steps to improve upon that.

The controversy behind "diets" are usually the motives driving them.
However, I don't consider this a diet of any sorts. I consider this a Better Me Plan.
I already know that I am wonderfully and beautifully made.
I am perfect just the way I am because I am made in the image of a perfect Creator.
I want to best reflect God in my daily life.
Be the best version of myself so I can best serve God and others.
Love myself so that I am able to love others.
Song of Solomon 4:7

New Living Translation
You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way.

The sun’s shining in my neck of the woods today,
I’ll be sure to send some rays your way,


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