He Titled It “Lulled”

Take a hot second for this quick read:
Well, first and foremost define lulled:
Okay now I say pay particular close attention to that first one.
We all have comfort zones, ranging of different sizes, yes. But,
So what?
How hard (and how often) am I actually willing to work to get out of it?
Expand my comfort zones, stretch myself.
Learn more by challenging myself.
Now What?
Frankly, I need to work on un-lulling myself.
I am not going to get myself out of my comfort zone by putting myself to rest or sleep by soothing means.
No, I am going to do so by volunteering my time to people who I might not be initially comfortable working with.
I need to do something so over the top embarrassing to make a fool of myself, to be human.
I need to have conversations with people about God and invite them to church.
I need to go on more spontaneous adventures.
I need to make habit of this.
And you know what’s the awesome thing?
Right now, I can choose to do so.
And right now, I choose to do so.
I make the active decision to work towards un-lulling myself daily.
Continuously get out of my comfort zone.
Say “yes” to opportunities that I would initially be hesitant to.
So long and thanks for all the fish,
Danielle 🐠🐟

Join me?
Join me.
Seriously, join me!
Step out of your comfort zone.
Challenge yourself.
Make a habit of it.

 〈〈 featured image: featuring my pals from Barnes Hall embracing today’s Coast to Coast Challenge: We’ve Got Waves  〉〉
Instagram: @DGermane

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