If You’re Going to be a Shark, be a Great White

Daymond John.
He started a clothing company in his mother’s basement and transformed it into a global fashion empire.
He is a star on ABC’s critically acclaimed reality business show “Shark Tank.”
He is the founder and CEO of FUBU (For Us By Us), a company which has amassed over $4 billion in worldwide retail sales.

And it just so happened that I was able to join Central Michigan University Speaker Series and College of Business as they hosted the Daymond John himself, open to the public.

Daymond John shared with us his what he liked to call his: “Shark Points.”
Key insights to fostering your success.
They are as follows:

S – Set a goal; set a mark. Take inventory of yourself, your assets, your connections, your resources, etc.

H – Homework (analytics). You have got to do your homework. Who are you going to stalk? Who is it that is worth pursuing that is going to aid you in getting you to where you want to be? Also know that you can always make a profit off of others peoples mistakes. Not in a harsh manipulative way, but why make the same mistakes that other people have already learned for you? Simply learn from them.

A – Adore/Amore (do what you love/love what you do). Success does not mean money. Money can buy you a limousine that will drive you right up to your problems. You should do things because you love to do them. Also to give back and help those you love.

R – Remember, you are the brand. You need to put be able to explain yourself in 2-5 words and leave the rest up for interpretation. You’re pitching yourself all the time, to everyone you come in contact with. Make your story worth listening to.

“I’m on a quest.” ∼Daymond John

K – Keep swimming.  There are plenty of fish in the sea, you’ve simply got to just keep swimming.

Okay so my experience was a cool, but now what?

Well as I went back to my daily activities I began to wonder what my 2-5 word description was. Daymond John said that your description doesn’t have to be the same forever. Your description changes just as you do. And upon my pondering I realized that that’s precisely where I am: in the midst of change.

“Continuously changing for better.”∼Danielle Germane

I am changing myself for the better physically, spiritually, mentally.
I am also advocating for change among those around me.
Bettering the environment in which we live and mending and building the relationships of our daily lives.

I love myself and the world and people around me.
Now I’m going to do my homework and ensure that I am actively working towards my above definition/description.

Continuously changing myself for the better,
as well as continuously changing for the better the environment in which I live.

PSA: empty toilet paper rolls are cardboard and thus can be recycled.♻️

What’s your definition of yourself in 2-5 words?
Don’t check the dictionary, check yourself.
Peace, Love, & Freshly Sliced Tomatoes,


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