Two of the most powerful, reassuring words that can come out of you.
Positive words of affirmation.
Why not start today?
Here are my I AM’s, ranging from A to Z.
After reading mine,
make your own list,
love yourself a little more.

I am authentic.🎹
I am beautiful.👸
I am curiosity.🎈
I am delighted.🌻
I am enough.💡
I am flourishing.🌿
I am groovy.✌️
I am happy.👾
I am imaginative.🔮
I am jovial.👒
I am kissable.💋
I am loved.💜
I am meaningful.❌
I am (a little bit) nutty.🌰
I am opportunity.🌀
I am progress.💬
I am quaint.👵
I am resourceful.♻️
I am spontaneous.👣
I am trendy. 📷
I am unique.🌲
I am vivacious.💥
I am whimsical.🌙
I am XO.💩
I am yes.✔️
I am zany.💀

Pretend I folded this up and passed it to you under the desk,

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