Our days
seem to be continuously filled
with nonstop-somethings.

Not often do we find ourselves merely wandering aimlessly.

Sometimes I feel that it is when we have no set destination to travel,
that God is leading us the most.
It is when we are erratically meandering
that God has full control over where we are going and where we need to be.

When I am full of purposelessness
I am able to fully appreciate my surroundings,
completely consumed by the atmosphere around me,
in tune with my bearings and my fully soul conscious,

When my sole purpose is nothing,
I am overcome with an overwhelming something,
God’s goodness and grace,
fully consuming my life.

These numerous aimless walks in the park,
full of purposelessness,
are where I find my most purpose,
through nature,
in God alone.

God’s beautiful nature is my soul food,
What’s yours?

Danielle →


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