Trust Fall vs. Leap of Faith


It is an abstract concept,

One that in today’s modern sense cannot be grasped by our five senses.

With that recognition how much do we really truly know about trust?

And I’m not just speaking about the trust in gravity,

But rather a trust much greater than that,
An undoubting trust in the One Most High.

There are four different words in the Hebrew language that have definitions that transfer over to today’s modern day term “trust.” These rooted in olden day terms give us a better grasp on trust in the sense of what we’re discussing.

1. chasah – to lean on someone or something; What’s awesome is that we can lean on God when times get tough. Even better, we can lean on Him in praise when things are going good.

2. batach – to cling; a related word, “avatiyach” is the way in which a melon clings to the vine. Although the melon is huge, as our wild crazy lives sometimes appear to be, it clings to the tiny vine that supports it though and through. We cannot see our trust in God, similarly to the small vine, yet it is through Him that we (the melon) find our strength and power to power through.

3. aman – be firm; As one of my favorite old time hymns reads, “On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.” The excited feeling of love that overflows in me when I try to comprehend that is overwhelming. When my world feels like it’s falling apart, God is my solid rock.

4. yachal – a hope or know [usually translates into hope, a knowing that something is going to happen]. What more to say than God already knows what is going to happen in your life. Worrying is like rocking in a rocking chair – you feel as if you’re making progress and doing something, bur really you’re getting nowhere. Don’t get me wrong I love rocking chairs, it’s worrying that I can do without. I need to root my trust in that if He brings me to it, He’s going to bring me through it. I need to surrender all; let go and Let God. Trust in what is going to happen.

Okay so I admit I did have to “Add to Dictionary” all of these above Hebrew words.
Which is pretty cool because that means that I am learning;
Learning that in order to have a full trust in God,
I have to incorporate trust in all four of these forms.

To lean on God,
to be firm in our faith and trust in Him,
to cling to Him, and
to know that what is written in His Word is true and is going to happen.

Trust Fall  < Leap of Faith

Learning stimulates brain activity,
Learning makes life more interesting,
Don’t ever stop,


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