Dissecting the Conspicuous ‘Regulations’ Behind Hand Raising

Do you raise your hands? Not the kind of hand raising you’d find in class if you had a question or something to comment or say. But rather the hand raising found during church worship: people raising their hands for reasons only their heart knows and possibly sometimes does not show. As I stood in church I looking around, saw … More Dissecting the Conspicuous ‘Regulations’ Behind Hand Raising

Back to the Basics

It happened at church one week ago today: The computer malfunctioned, as modern technology seems to do, leaving the lyric screen black as night. The band continued to play and the worshiping marched on, but it got me thinking. What if there were no lyrics on the screen? What if there was no sophisticated sound system, … More Back to the Basics

The Day I Met Joe

So there’s this quaint little local hole-in-the-wall coffee shop close to campus called Kaya. Every Wednesday there is open mike night. Some nights are filled with poetry. Some are filled with cover and original music. Some are filled with stand up comedy. Some nights there’s a combination of all of the above. There’s something in common … More The Day I Met Joe

Detroit, Rock City

Blessed are we that are a part of the Leadership Institute (LI) at Central Michigan University. There are endless connections and opportunities that stem from these two. One opportunity that I had was going and serving in Detroit for a weekend. The service leadership experience was beneficial for the community we served and also culturally … More Detroit, Rock City