The Day I Met Joe

So there’s this quaint little local hole-in-the-wall coffee shop close to campus called Kaya.

Every Wednesday there is open mike night. Some nights are filled with poetry. Some are filled with cover and original music. Some are filled with stand up comedy. Some nights there’s a combination of all of the above. There’s something in common between each Wednesday at Kaya though. Each is filled with loads of laughs, good vibes, and good company.

The calendar read Wednesday, March 25th, 2015.

Needless to say I am a complete sucker for live music. No matter the genre, no matter the quality, I’m enjoying my time that people take the time to display their talents to me live. Story Book opened up with their cover of Blank Space by Taylor Swift and they did put on a really good show. It was a night filled with awesome music.

And then Joe took the mic. He wore a cowboy hat and probably cowboy boots if I would’ve been more observant. He sang songs with a country twang, and turns out is originally from Kentucky. His story goes: travel to various destinations to attend trade shows, search on the interweb local open mic nights, and attend to share his talents with others, like me. He sang with a southern twang, old country songs: some that I recognized and some new ones.

Afterward he sat alone, but not for long. I reached out and invited him over to sit and chat with my friend and I. Just simple casual conversation: where he came from, his family, his future aspirations and favorite travel destinations, etc.

He also gave us some life advice. Although some may say cliché, it was authentic and from the heart. He told me:

1. Laugh often – it keeps the heart young and makes each day a little bit brighter

2. Life’s hard – “You probably already know that one,” he said. Life’s short and don’t take it too seriously, no one comes out alive.

3. Remember the little moments – The older you get the faster life goes. It goes from 18 to 21, to 25, 30, 40, 50, etc. Before you know it you’ll look back and think where did the time go?

The day I met Joe. I thanked him and told him to tell me when he’s in Michigan next.
You see, sometimes having a little bit of nerve segways into an authentic conversation with a down-to-earth human being from this crazy Earth like Joe from Kentucky.

Authentic Local Coffee Shop Talks ⇒ My Fav,
Looking forward to seeing ya next year Joe,


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