From Mentee to Mentor (and back again)

College is cool. Not gonna lie the thought of it kind of wracked my nerves coming into it nearly 8 months ago. Luckily I did not have to go through this adventure alone. Through the Leader Advancement Scholarship (LAS) I was able to receive a mentor, Claire, who is now also my awesome best friend. The tables are turning as I will soon be a sophomore at Central Michigan University in only a short weeks time. With this continuation of time and events I have the awesome & privileged opportunity to be a mentor to an incoming freshman. Her name is Emily. (-: Let me tell you a little bit more.

Mentor Workshop:

Being a mentor is a jolly adventure in itself, but some preparation was needed in order for us (my LAS cohort) to mentor our mentees to the best of each of our abilities. It was in our LDR 200L class that a Mentor Workshop was conducted, simply allowing our creative juices about how to be an effective mentor flow. My idea about being a mentor didn’t change much throughout or after this workshop. Reality simply set in that I was actually going to be one! I got some new ideas/perspectives, and a different kind of nerve began to kick in – the good kind that continues to keep me excited in anticipation of the times to come.

The Draft:

Prior to the day of, each member of my LAS cohort collaborated amongst each other in order for the selection process to go as smoothly as possible. After the #MenteeDraft2k15 officially was called to an end by the one and only, Dan Gaken, Emily was officially a part of my family tree. A few reasons explaining why I got more excited as the minutes passed to be a mentor:

Able to help – whether that be when she’s in need of a good laugh and I’m able to be there to tell her a quirky joke, or whether in times of pain I’m there with shoulder to cry on, and anything in-between.

Make memories – we are two quirky comrades coming together; a thirst for adventure is near and dear to our hearts; lots of questions will be asked and answered and memories will undoubtedly be created

Challenge – I am excited to challenge my mentee in what she does, encouraging her to be better everyday in hopes that she will challenge and encourage me the same

In the mean time:

Being a mentor is not something to be taken lightly. I need to prepare myself mentally and physically in order to be as effective of a mentor as I can, and reach all of the wants/needs of my mentee. Still being a mentee myself and having a mentor there to still support me is a huge help and excitement. Also I shall reflect on my own experiences and communicate with my mentee as to what she wants/needs from me in order to best provide for her.

In excitement of the unknown to soon come,
Danielle (mentee of Claire and mentor of Emily)


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