White Walls

My first year of college is successfully under my belt. What a weird yet rewarding concept for me to considerably grasp.

From memories and late nights, to laughing and endless lessons learned, some of my thoughts I wrote summing up the feelings felt while packing up my belongings from my dorm room seemingly all too soon:

The beginning was just like the end, only different.

The white walls surrounded us with our imaginations running wild.

When we began, these quarters were unfamiliar to us.

Yet now as we temporarily end, our white walls hold a little part of us.

To the naked eye these walls appear the same as before,

However, they are different in a way, possibly a little something more.

These borrowed white walls now hold our memories within them,

Written on them as if with invisible ink:

Telling about the times we sat and laughed,

About the late nights studying,

About the lessons learned, songs sung, people met.

We left as we came, belongings packed tightly and uncertainty lingering like fog.

As we turned the page for another adventure in our lives to begin

We left those white walls for another to have,

So the walls could document their stories,

and they too could make these white walls a little piece of their own.

Thanks to all who have made my first year college experience one worth writing about and forever remembering.

From the White Walls of Barnes 113,



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