Old Man. Orange T-shirt. CiCi’s Pizza.

Do you ever get that sudden feeling in the pit of your stomach to go and strike up a conversation with a complete stranger? Maybe you do, maybe you don't. But more recently than not I've found myself fighting that itching urge. God calling me to work for SpringHill Day Camps and me answering that call has given... Continue Reading →


Three Little Birds

Three little birds I buried today. They were found by a dear friend freshly dead under a nearby tree. Initially taken back in awe of the situation, we scrounged for the nearest shovel, giving them a proper burial and sending them off with love. Their death remains unknown to me. Maybe there was a predator. Maybe it was... Continue Reading →

LeaderShape – shaping a leader

You say the word "LeaderShape" among a group of CMU student leaders and hype swiftly rockets high into the sky. They said that it was an experience that you simply could not explain and you simply had to go. So I went. I went with the mentality of, "Okay, LeaderShape. Change my life." I'm not here to tell... Continue Reading →

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