LeaderShape – shaping a leader

You say the word “LeaderShape” among a group of CMU student leaders and hype swiftly rockets high into the sky. They said that it was an experience that you simply could not explain and you simply had to go. So I went. I went with the mentality of, “Okay, LeaderShape. Change my life.” I’m not here to tell you the ins and outs of what LeaderShape did for me as a leader, or tell you what many others told me, but what I will tell you is that LeaderShape is exactly what you need to it be. It pokes you in places you’ve never been poked, allows your mind to be stretched to lengths it’s probably never been stretched, and is an opportunity for adventure that I encourage all other leaders to experience and enjoy.

LeaderShape guides you in developing your vision and goals in order to achieve that vision. They coined it having a healthy disregard for the impossible. The roots of my vision are founded in Christ.

It is passions that continuously drive me forward: my love for Jesus and Earth, volunteering my time with people and wanting to see a complete end of sex slavery.

Let’s jump right into it: My vision is to create a Christian based for-profit organization that works rescuing those affected by human trafficking from this terrible trade, as well as work with those involved and affected by providing them a job working for the organization making and selling recycled jewelry, art, and fashion to the world. My organization would not only save from the trade and provide work afterwards, but also bring those involved and affected to know Christ and be saved.

Having this in written form empowers the words to come to life throughout my every day life.

Walking through the highlights of the week:

Day 1. Building Community

Day 2. The Value of One, The Power of All

My DISC category is an i – meaning that I inspire others with enthusiasm, have an open-door policy, and live life full of positivity.

Day 3. Challenging What Is, Looking to What Could Be

My stretch goal is to see a complete end to sex slavery/human trafficking and bring those involved/affected to know and be saved by Christ. Another stretch goal would be to began and run this Christian based for-profit organization.

Day 4. Bringing Vision to Reality

Manageable goal 1: travel with His House church, the church I attend while at Central Michigan University out of Mount Pleasant, on a mission trip to Cambodia volunteering working to save those involved with sex slavery, as well as work with the ones running this terrible trade.

Manageable goal 2: simply to talk about the issue; to learn more about it myself and to allow others surrounding me to become more aware. Starting today I can educate others and myself about this issue. Working towards eliminating porn would aid in eliminating this terrible trade.

Day 5. Living and Leading with Integrity

My core values I identified as: authenticity (balance, autonomy, transparency), creativity (adventure, fun, challenge, willow w a trunk), spirituality (respect, religion, growth), community (friendships, happiness, love) and service (leadership, learning, optimism).

Day 6. Staying in Action

Forgiveness: Admit, Apologize, Act, Attend, Anchor

Day 7 – You may begin. Today, tomorrow, for the rest of our lives.


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