Three Little Birds

Three little birds I buried today. They were found by a dear friend freshly dead under a nearby tree. Initially taken back in awe of the situation, we scrounged for the nearest shovel, giving them a proper burial and sending them off with love.
Their death remains unknown to me. Maybe there was a predator. Maybe it was one of those situations where the best friend or brother jumped out of the tree so the other two did it too. Maybe not because I believe they were baby geese and geese generally don’t fly or climb trees. Then I got to thinking how ‘there is no greater love than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friend’ [John 15:13]
Maybe it was simply God’s will that those three baby geese wouldn’t live beyond today. It’s a strange thought that as fickle as the lives of those three little birds was, so is mine.
Isn’t it so non compos mentis how three little birds can evoke in me the realization of how fickle my own life is, and what an overwhelming blessing it is that Jesus laid down His life for me, His friend.
God works in strange and unconventional ways that never cease to amaze me and I thank Him for that daily.
[featured image taken by yours truly at Dow/Veits Woods, Mount Pleasant, MI.]

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