Old Man. Orange T-shirt. CiCi’s Pizza.

Do you ever get that sudden feeling in the pit of your stomach to go and strike up a conversation with a complete stranger? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. But more recently than not I’ve found myself fighting that itching urge.

God calling me to work for SpringHill Day Camps and me answering that call has given me a new perspective on the world and a new found appreciation for life. I am presented with the job description to go and teach little children about God by combining faith and fun. This is awesome. However, I feel myself getting into somewhat of what I would like to call a ‘SpringHill-rut’. You see I am becoming more comfortable talking to little kids about the gospel. That is precisely why the little ones are at camp, they in a sense already want to learn because they have essentially placed themselves in that environment.

With that, I now find myself paying more attention to my struggle of sharing that same gospel with strangers on the streets. Why is it that I am now noticing this? It’s always been relatively easy for me to strike up conversations with people. Where did this ‘fear’ stem from? So many questions buzzing in my head.

But the one answer I know that screams from the rooftops is “Jesus”.

Regarding these urges I get to talk to random people, I don’t know why I get them, but I know I get them from God. He had obviously crossed our paths for a reason, and it’s not even a question whether God wants me to go and talk to them, because He does.

This is where the old man in an orange t-shirt at CiCi’s Pizza comes into play. I fought the urge to talk to him and his wife, and settled rather for a smile and a nice head nod. For all I know that could have brightened his day. But I’d like to thank you, old man in an orange t-shirt at CiCi’s Pizza. It was you that kept me thinking about this ‘sharing of my faith’ long after the time you were within my sight.

I’m not saying I’m going to go up to every person I meet and dive head first into the “Do you know Jesus?” questions. But rather be bold in conversation trusting that God is with me so I do not have to be afraid. Also having the confidence not in my own abilities, but in those of God – knowing that I can start a conversation about the simple things of life, and if the topic of God crosses our conversation path, then wonderful. If not, at least I showed them a glimpse of God’s unconditional love.

Let the old man in an orange t-shirt at CiCi’s Pizza kick start the challenge set forth by myself for myself to start those simple conversations. Because it is those simple conversations that allow myself and others to grow in leaps and bounds that otherwise would have never been sparked into flame.

From the mind of a slight genius in disguise,
Danie G. ↓↑

[featured image taken by yours truly at the Indiana Sand Dunes State Park day of the above happenings]


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