SpringHill: where faith and fun combine in upmost harmony

SpringHill – a summer camp for kids. I was a counselor for Day Camps – where we travel around to different locations bringing camp to the kids at the various churches and schools that hosted us… an experience of a lifetime.

My home team was based out of the West Michigan 2 (WM2) area, and these were the wonderful places I got to travel:

Week 1.1 – at River Oaks Community Church with WM1 in Goshen, IN
Week 1.2 – at Faith Church with WM2 in Dyer, IN
Week 1.3 – at Faith Church with WM2 in Dyer, IN
Week 1.4 with WM3 – at Tabernacle Community Church in Grand Rapids, MI
Week 1.5 – at Lighthouse Community Church with WM2 in Allendale, MI
Week 1.6 – at The Lakes Community Church with WM2 in Commerce Township, MI
Week 1.7 – at Peach Plains Elementary School  with WM2 in Grand Haven, MI
Week 1.9 – at Covent Christian School in Ludington, MI

“Host Homes” defined:

As we travel where the Holy Spirit leads, SpringHill coordinates places for us to lay our heads at night when we are away from home. This experience connects us with people in the community (usually affiliated with our host partner church). This is a way for us to still be connected to a temporary home and be loved on continually throughout the chaos of camp.

Break down of our weekly scripture schedule:

Monday – Noah built the art because he had faith in God. God has an awesome exciting plan for our lives too, even if we don’t yet know exactly what that is.

Tie-Dye Tuesday – sin day: Noah’s decedents and the Tower of Babel. We are sinners and because of that we have a gap between us and God. Jesus came as the ultimate rescue plan to save us from our sins and build a bridge between us on Earth and God in Heaven.

Superhero Wednesday – salvation day: in depth look at the G.O.S.P.E.L. (God Our Sins Paid Everyone Life). God created us, but because of Our Sins we were distant from Him. However, God send His son, named Jesus, down to Earth and He Paid the price for Our Sins. In dying and raising from the dead He gave Everyone Life. Counselors share their testimonies about how God has worked in their life and continues to.

Thursday – Zacceaus was a wee little man and a wee little man was he (you can finish singing the Sunday School tune)… Jesus changed Zaccheaus’s heart and he no longer was greedy finding his identity in money, but rather faithful and found his identity in Jesus Christ. Just how Jesus changed the counselors lives how we heard yesterday through their testimonies, and Zacceaus’ life in the story we read about in the Bible, you have the opportunity to allow Jesus into your heart and He will change your life, too.

Friday – The Great Commission: GO. Tell others. Do not be afraid. Nothing can separate you from God’s love (not even sin).

Wondering what in the world a Spirit Fox is and why your kid is so excited about them?
Keep reading…

Each day Skyler, Tyler and Super Old Dude (our morning emcees) gave the kids a different challenge. The cabin/team that completed the challenge the “best” received the best sidekick any superhero could dream of getting: The Spirit Fox.

Monday’s challenge: encouragement
Tuesday’s challenge: safety
Wednesday’s challenge: sunscreen and water (each group had a team gatorade water bottle to share. I often named mine Walter the Water Bottle, it got kids excited to stay hydrated!)
Thursday’s challenge: team spirit
Friday’s challenge: tell 3 of your friends about Jesus!

5 Finger Covenant: this is something that we teach the kiddos the very first small group we have with our cabin/group. Each finger stands for something different… the thumb stands for encouragement; the pointer finger stands for (listening to) direction; the middle finger stands for no zingers, which means no put downs; the ring finger stands for commitment; and the pinky finger stands for safety.

Crowns For Jesus: at SpringHill we pray a special way – fingers intertwined in a big circle. At the end of each prayer everyone raises their hands to the sky and says, “Crowns for Jesus.” This explained, is because our hands make the pints of the crown, our faces are the jewels and Jesus is our King. We prayed after every activity, before every lunch and snack time, with them one on one, in big groups, and you better believe that the kids, counselors and staff were acknowledging their King after each and every one.

Traveling Circus: SpringHill brings with us what is called a unit. This unit is home to all of our high adventure activities: rock climbing, flying squirrel, spider mountain, eurobungy, etc. Also our blow up water slide and slippin’ slide (named Joe and Flow respectively) also were a part of our team. We traveled with them, set up camp, ran camp, packed it all up, traveled and did it all over again – like a traveling circus.

Gypsies for Jesus: as we traveled from host home to host home, we really didn’t have a permanent place to rest our head: the loose definition of gypsy. Similarly, here on Earth is not where I am destined to permanently rest my head. Everywhere on Earth is my temporary home therefore in the long scheme of things I am always traveling, forever a gypsy for Jesus until I meet him in Heaven above.

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