Leaping in Faith ↓↑

Last year, at the end of my freshman year at Central Michigan University, one of my Leadership classes had us write a time capsule to our future graduating-selves. One of the questions asked was along the lines of “Were there any opportunities you did not take this year that you regret?” I brutally answered truthfully. I regretted not going on a Spring Break Mission Trip with His House Christian Ministry. I talked myself out of it because the financial burden I feared was too strong.

Having since grown spiritually, I knew things were going to be different this year. The due date for applications quickly approached and as I filled them out, I could feel the controlling grip of money I tend to force onto things start to tighten. The nonrefundable deposit was $100. Why was I struggling so much with proving my trust of my finances to a God that is worth so much more than nickel, dimes, Grant’s and Franklin’s? Until I’m dead God will continue working in my heart. I ranked the trip selections and took the leap of faith. The selection process was now in His hands.

I am thankful that God knows my potential and worth better than I do. He (practically) disregarded my rankings of trip preferences. I optimistically said, “Yes God. Send me.” He said, “Okay. Let’s go to New York City, NY.” I trusted the financial scares over to Him and He is challenging me to continue to do so. The total trip cost is $520. As a student also paying for college, I keep reminding myself that a price tag simply cannot be put on Kingdom work.

I am beyond excited and blessed for the opportunities that God has in store for me. I pray that I do not miss the opportunities He provides right around me in the time spent preparing my heart for service in the city that never sleeps. Authenticity. Intentionality. Trust. New York City.

Life is good.
God is great.

Δ Danie G.


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