Just BE.

AS humans, we have this thing within us, this thing that constantly wants to be filled with doing something and not wanting to be alone. It’s as if, when we have even the slightest break (in our day to day lives) we feel the necessity to fill it, with something, someone, anything. Usually it’s most easily filled with mindless scrolling on the phone, desperately searching, for nothing in particular, just something that will make us feel full. However, even after countless likes, posts, comments, etc. we end with the same empty feeling as when we began.

Louis C.K. “You need to build an ability to just be yourself and not be doing something. That’s that the phones are taking away. The ability to just sit there. That’s just being a human.”

PHONES are prohibiting our ability to truly rest & just be. That is, if you allow them to. That’s why my #EveryElla2016 #ThisYearIWill campaign entry reads: “This year I will just be.”

IN those times where I find myself wanting to fill that void inside of me by doing something, I will just be. When waiting, I will just be. When walking, I will just be. Be human. Be present in the moment, not scroll mindlessly, but allow myself to be amazed by taking the time to notice those around me.

I can only imagine the world that is right in front of the person who has their face buried in their phone. Life is a grand adventure and I don’t want to miss it.


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