Uprooting the Roots of Oppression: 5 Tips for Becoming An Ally

[inspired by HDF 110: Roots of Oppression with Cheryl Geisthardt]   In this course we discussed many topics including Racism, Contemporary Issues: Hate in America, Wealth, Race, and Health, Poverty/Environmental Injustice, Poverty and Distribution of Wealth, Education in the U.S., Gender Socialization, Sexual Orientation, Gender Oppression, Oppression and the LGBTQ Community, Religion, Disabilities, Denial/Resistance, and … More Uprooting the Roots of Oppression: 5 Tips for Becoming An Ally

Moments of Leadership

[inspired by course COM 461 L Communication in Leadership // prof. Elizabeth Carlson] Communication and leadership. How are they connected? When do you use them? How do you use them? These are just a few questions that were bounced around during the introductory days of this course. Now we are in the depths of the nitty … More Moments of Leadership

New York City

Spring Break 2016. I took the leap of faith and went on a mission trip with His House Christian Fellowship of CMU and traveled to New York City to work alongside The New York City Relief Bus. The remainder of this reflection is broken into 3 parts. Part 1 consists of general knowledge to know about the … More New York City

Lunch Buddies

College has many neat aspects, one of which is that you get to choose your schedule. A lot of students choose not to have Friday classes. I willingly fell into the trap of craving a three-day weekend, but I also decided to go to school on Fridays, just in a different capacity than “lecture hall.” Each Friday I (along … More Lunch Buddies

5 Insider Tips for Thriving (& Surviving) in Philosophy Class

phi·los·o·phy fəˈläsəfē/ noun the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. a particular system of philosophical thought. plural noun: philosophies the study of the theoretical basis of a particular branch of knowledge or experience. That word had been tossed and turned in my vocabulary, but I had … More 5 Insider Tips for Thriving (& Surviving) in Philosophy Class

Fun Fashion Frenzy

So my major here at Central Michigan University is Fashion Merchandising & Design. The Registered Student Organization (RSO) that is specifically for Fashion majors/minors is the Fashion Association of Merchandising & Design (FAMD), and I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to be a part of it!   FAMD is an organization has given … More Fun Fashion Frenzy


o·ver·whelm /ōvərˈ(h)welm/ • verb • past tense: overwhelmed; past participle: overwhelmed [defined as:] (1) bury or drown beneath a huge mass. (2) defeat completely. (3) give too much of a thing to (someone); inundate. (4) the art of beginning to experience a sliver of the depths of love, grace, power and Spirit that the Lord … More o·ver·whelm