5 Key Takeaways from my College Poli Sci Experience

So, this course that we are instructed to take as a part of our protocol,
PSC 105L: Introduciton to American Govt & Politics with prof. Thomas Stewart, let me tell you more about it. Not about the content of this course, but rather,

5 Key Takeaways I got from my College Poli Sci Experience:


1. Appreciate your Fam Jam. I am thankful that I have this class with students in my LAS cohort as well as the LAS cohort under us. It makes the educational aspect more fun and we have built in study groups without the stranger danger that other courses occasionally bear.

2. The professor intentionally plays devils advocate. This is not an attack on your character or on you as a person. He simply wants you to

3. Do the reading. Not just the chapters from the required text (although that is a majority of what the multiple choice questions on the exam are based off of). Additionally read the constitution. The prof will often joke that we all carry it with us everywhere we go, but having a basic knowledge of what our country is based off of is an important obligation.

4. Have the ability to learn and laugh (sometimes at the same time). 

5. Vote. If you are willing to put in a little brain power and time, doing the research about various candidates and their views is easier than one might think. The internet is a mighty thing and often has many resources a few finger types and clicks away.


You’re never too young or old to learn about how our government functions.
Your local library is even a great place to start!


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