Inside Look: SpotLight LEAD Team

LEAD Teams are a neat thing actually. They are a way for people to gather together and excel one another as leaders within the Leadership Institute (LI) and all around the campus of Central Michigan University. All the LEAD Teams within the LI never reach stagnant status, but are rather constantly being changed, renovated, and occasionally adding more teams.


Fall 2016 saw the grand addition of the SpotLight LEAD Team ‘nd guess who was selected to be a part of the team? You guessed it, this gal!

The purpose of this LEAD Team was to spotlight Leadership Institute students on the greatness they were/are contributing to campus that would rather go somewhat unnoticed, happening behind the scenes.

With the addition of a fresh, new LEAD Team came a great deal of adaptabilities, optimism, and problem-solving. Collectively the team would brainstorm ideas and put them into action, finding that some would function as planned and others would skid quietly to the curb. We have found our groove of what does work/what will work. However, I will be the first to admit we are still working on ringing out all the kinks. Regardless, the ball is rolling, and we relentlessly continue to make forward progress.

Personally, as the co-social media coordinator for the Leadership Institute, it was very beneficial to be working alongside this LEAD Team to (tactfully) tackle the publication of our various “spot lightings” on the LI social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). Featured below are a fistful of LI Staff appreciation posts that were posted earlier in the semester.


Through participation in this team, I learned to appreciate proper grammar even more than before. I also was able to understand better the brand of the LI and how we wanted to showcase “spotlighting” students/staff while remaining true to our core values. Sometimes finding appropriate (fun, high-quality, etc.) photos sometimes took minutes, sometimes it took hours. But there is no clock too long to give those leaders the recognition that they deserve.

OVERALL I am thrilled to see where the TEAM will grow in the future. The SpotLight LEAD Team will be reaching out to more alumni and spotlighting them on Leadership Institute social media platforms. It is always inspiring to see former CMU students continuing to make an impact on the world outside of our little campus bubble. Changes are happening, so be sure to stay tuned!


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