Monkey See, Monkey Do

Okay, so we we aren’t monkeys exactly. Yes, some days we’re goofy enough together that it may be easily mistaken, but I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

Emily (my mentee in LAS) and I were able to connect and build a solid foundation for our friendship/mentorship during her first semester at CMU. Gradually I did as many moms/mentors have done before me, and watched as their little one grew up and left the nest (first monkeys, now references to birds; ya still with me here?).

Emily had gotten a campus job (working as a student secretary for CMU President Ross), she joined the sorority ΑΣΤ and is supported by a sisterhood of her own, AND she has developed as a leader through LI and various Leadership classes/programs. That is just to name a few (check out her blog for more here). She makes me proud and inspires me to be better everyday.


I like being able to be as goofy as a monkey, as free as a bird, and as visionary/forward thinking a leader can be when it comes to being with Em. She’s a rare gem and she’s my quirky comrade. So thankful for her and all she has challenged and taught me along the way as well.


At the beginning of the year my fellow staff member in the hall (Taylor) and I decided out motto for the year in regards to the relationship with our mentees would be”Make the trip.” Living on East campus and having our mentees on North isn’t that far of a trip, but in the hustle and bustle of college life it’s easy to push that to the end of the to-do list or onto the back burner. I made the trip and that’s what helped make Em & I’s relationship like two peas in a pod.

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Wanna know something real fab?
I get to spend more time with her.
So stay tuned for adventures to come.


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