During my sophomore year at Central Michigan University I took on the adventure of being a resident assistant in one of the residence halls on campus.

An RA holds a spectacular paraprofessional staff position that is full of adventures, meaningful relationships, and challenges that allow for growth beyond measure.

As an RA you plan various programs/events for your floor and your hall, you attend various trainings specifically for Residence Life (Res Life) staff, as well as participate and promote various events such as Hall Council meetings or other campus events for general student life.

The relationships I was able to build with the residents on my floor, the residents in my building and in East area, along with those whom I worked on staff with have all made an impact specifically on my sophomore year of college and ultimately on my life.


To my residentsthank you for challenging me to step out of my comfort zone to reach out and talk with you. I hope I wasn’t actually as awkward as I thought I was. I also hope that the experience with me as your RA was an enjoyable and memorable one. Please come back and visit, stay in touch and don’t be strangers.

To my staffthank you for putting up with my crazy ideas and going along and supporting me in pursuing some of them. Without your guidance, encouragement, and love I would have been an empty watering can trying, but unsuccessfully helping others grow. To those headed off to bigger and better things, thank you for your time on my behalf and on behalf of all the others on staff and past residents. We appreciate you and now go share your awesomeness with others! To those joining our staff/returning, get excited for an adventure(s) of a life time! Being on staff as an RA is unlike anything you’ll ever experience. Remain openminded, be spontaneous, and prepare yourself in allowing yourself to grow.

I have learned lots throughout the year outside the classroom (as well as in). I am looking forward for the opportunity to put everything I learned this year as an RA into practice next year as I embark again on the adventure of being an RA.

Stay tuned for more,

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Office of ResLife put together their annual video for 2016 Afternoon of Recognition. For a good laugh and to see our campus staff in action, follow this link!


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