Father’s Day

"Father's Day noun. 1. a day, usually the third Sunday in June, set aside in honor of fathers." It's a celebratory time for most, but (in reality) not everyone is blessed with an earthy father that is actively present in their lives. That's where this song steps in. It's written by the group Beasts of... Continue Reading →


S T R I P E / O N

Stripes are (still) in, and folks they're here to stay. Whether you're dressing warm in the winter chill or cool in the summer heat, stripes are sure to dress up, dress down, or simply complete your ensemble of choice. Featured here is a Fashionista who is ready to take her school by storm. Let's take an... Continue Reading →

Do Me a Favor & Please Assume

as·sume əˈso͞om/ verb 1. suppose to be the case, without proof. "Assume" is just one of those words that when used, often has a negative connotation. It's often attached to uncertain situations leading to disappointed feelings. I'm sure many have heard of the old saying that goes, "When you assume, you make an a$$ out of you and me, (a$$-u-me)."... Continue Reading →

My Alaskan Adventures

UPDATE: One of my favorite self-written lines of truth is, "When you're willing to go, God will take you places." That continues to ring true in my life, as I am currently writing from a place unlike any other, Alaska. As much as I would love to simply roam free in this wonderful land, I have been... Continue Reading →

The Delicate Balance of Work & Play

What is 'work and play' must function in a delicate balance for a travel enthusiast to be able to explore the world while still making a dime (or two). So let me tell you... When the opportunity presented itself to work for a company that allowed me to travel and have fun working while being... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Michigan: Holland

Some of the best adventures are those that can be found right outside your backyard. A few weekends ago I got to travel across the state of Michigan to visit with a friend and go on some adventures with their family. We took the opportunity to visit Holland, MI for the annual Tulip Time Festival. Going and discovering the beauty... Continue Reading →

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