Adventures in Michigan: Holland

Some of the best adventures are those that can be found right outside your backyard.

A few weekends ago I got to travel across the state of Michigan to visit with a friend and go on some adventures with their family.

We took the opportunity to visit Holland, MI for the annual Tulip Time Festival.

Going and discovering the beauty that was Windmill Island Gardens, and visiting the authentic vendors and the seeing the work they created was very neat and joyful.

It was also a blast being able to explore the beautiful town of Holland.
We also got to briefly visit the campus of Hope College; it is so quaint and cute!

We ate a delicious lunch/dinner at Curragh Irish Pub. I had authentically made, delicious hummus and spinach & artichoke dip – I highly recommend going there to eat, so good!

The weather unfortunately wasn’t the most ideal, and we made the best of it, but we were also blessed with a window seat at the restaurant to be able to watch the parade (featuring lots of awesome school bands and nifty floats!).

So whether you’re traveling near or far, remember that adventure is out there.

All you have to do is keep your eyes and your heart open, and remember to take advantage of all the opportunities that are placed in your path.

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[Special thanks to the Coccia Family for allowing me to join in on their fun!]



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