Adventures in Michigan: Mackinaw and Mackinac *

I look forward to summer because summer means road trips, traveling, adventures, my sister, Jesus, camping, and Pure Michigan.

When all of these favorites of mine combine in upmost harmony, you can believe that I am one giddy gal filled with excitement, love, and pure bliss.

My sister had just finished her last days of high school, so we had an excuse to travel in celebration (woo hoo!) – not that you always need a reason to travel (other than to travel in itself), but it seems to make it additionally more fun when you do.

Pre-Travel essentials:

We packed our coolers full of snacks, filled the vehicle with our sleeping bags, our newly bought tent (thanks mom), and clothes to last us the time while we were away.

Hitting the road early in the AM is key when wanting to make the most of your day. We made the beautiful drive North and allowed excitement and anticipation to swiftly fill our bones.
[Wanna take your trip to another level? Try taking a few back roads to get somewhere; you get to see more of what the town/area has to offer and there’s usually less traffic!]

Set up camp: 


Depending on what time of the season you’re traveling you may or may not have to make reservations at the campground ahead of time (call ahead and ask if it’s a necessity to do so).

Yes, this may require you to do some research prior to, but trust me, even the most wanderlust adventurers know that in the long run this simple step makes all the difference.

So, we found our campground (Tee Pee Campground off US-23 – I highly recommend going here!) and pitched our tent. Soon after we headed out for the day knowing that we had a place all ready for us upon our return. Our first stop was to Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry transportation in Mackinac City to hop on a ferry boat to be transported to the beautiful one and only Mackinac Island.

The Main Attraction: 

Although some planning is necessary and good, there are other times that pure spontaneity and going with the flow is just what the soul needs and called for.

Once we got to the island, we decided not to rent bikes (we had both already done that before). We still wanted to see the beauty that we knew the island held, SO we decided to start walking. We made it our mission to walk the entire Mackinac Island (8+ miles round trip)!

Our walk was full of spontaneous adventures (up many steps) and wrong turns (that led to many laughs afterward), and eventually we came full circle to our destination of downtown Mackinaw Island.

On the island, there are lots of (tourist) shops. Many are fun to go into, however being on a budget we knew we didn’t want to purchase much.

When downtown, I suggest what is to me a tradition: go fudge shop hopping. That is go into numerous, infamous fudge shops, sampling the classic chocolate fudge, and peanut butter fudge, and all the interesting flavors in-between, and eventually making a purchase of nothing but the best (Joann’s Fudge, but I admit my taste buds are biased, so go try some for yourself!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Camping under the stars:

Since we had set up our tent earlier, we were able to smoothly make our return and relax, enjoying the wonderful weather. Matter of fact, we took advantage of the beautiful moment(s) and did some yoga on the beach (with the Mighty Mack as our backdrop).

We intentionally took the time to disconnect from the world (stressors and all), and connect with each other through surrounding ourselves in nature’s beauty, ultimately bringing us closer to our Creator.

Fellow travel bugs, enjoy going out and seeing the world. In a time where people are constantly consumed by the vast growth of technology and electronics, inspire those around you to do the same. Even through a simple invite to join you in enjoying what you love to do, you could change the way someone looks at the world surrounding them. Disconnect to connect, and be inspired by the world around you!

* Disclaimer: the correct spelling is as follows: Mackinaw Island, Mackinac City, Mackinac Bridge. Although many interchange them, respect your fellow Michiganders and learn to use them correctly (even if that means looking them up when using them).



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