The Delicate Balance of Work & Play

What is ‘work and play’ must function in a delicate balance for a travel enthusiast to be able to explore the world while still making a dime (or two).

So let me tell you…

When the opportunity presented itself to work for a company that allowed me to travel and have fun working while being in new, fun places? I was in!

Working as a traveling sales associate for Toe to Toe Dance Wear has taken me to many places that I would never have dreamed possible.

Over Memorial Day weekend I was able to (again) travel to Nashville, TN (The Belt Buckle of the Bible Belt) and throughly enjoyed practically every moment of it (not so much the flat tire on the trailer fiascal on the way down).

Camping in a hotel room is a trip in itself (read my self-proclaimed Guide here), but here are 3 tips I’ve managed to muster-up over the years of how to find, set, and maintain the delicate balance between work and play while working (and playing) on the road:

  1. Find your balance and where it lies before your time of travel. It’s no fun to work all day and then be as tired as a dog at the end. Have a previously set schedule of when you’re going to work, when you’re going to relax and be able to have fun and play when ready. This requires knowing your limits and respecting those. It’s good to challenge and push yourself further, but don’t push yourself off the edge.
  2. Know where the line is once you’ve set it! After long days of work, it’s easy to see the line separating work and play swiftly blur. Make sure to keep your eyes focused on the schedule that you set and remember to take your personal time when needed! Nobody is going to blame you for having your solo time in order to spend time socializing when the time comes.
  3. Don’t take it all so serious! Yes, ultimately you are there for work, but don’t completely neglect having fun while you’re already there! Life is too short to focus on all work and no play. Get out there and some fun!

Best of luck in your work and play balancing acts.
Remember, with more practice the more comfortable you will become in managing!

Work on.
Play on.
Travel on.

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